Monday, April 2, 2012

Marfy? Yeah or Nay?

Dear readers,

I am certainly in love with some of the the new Marfy designs - although I have not sewn with them yet.

First - here are some of my favorites for Spring/Summer:

Marfy 2540:  A wonderful coat - I'd love to make this.

Marfy 2763 - Color blocking - so in this year and traditionally this style is flattering on me - I can see this in a sporty type of wicking fabric for the summer.
 Marfy 2798:  I again, love the suggested color-blocking - and I am dying to make an off-the-shoulder dress such as this.
 Marfy 2828:  I love the cowl top -  It just looks so comfy.

Now, I use a custom flat pattern (or sloper) for my body to modify the patterns.  So, the no hem allowance, no seam allowance, pre-cut isn't seemingly a big deal.  With Marfy (as I understand it) you must also figure out how it goes together (which is fine with me) - that is to say - no directions.  They are apparently Italian high fashion patterns that are for the "experienced sewer."  Well, I've always been one to jump off the deep end of things. 

My big concern is price?  Do these patterns go on sale - they are about 16 - 18.00 each (a bit steep) in my book.  Any tips?  I'm not even sure my local Joann carries them (or any store nearby). . .

I'm interested in any experience anyone can share. 

So, what do you think?  Yeah!  or Nay?


  1. I give them a YAY. I've made a few Marfy's and yes, they never go on sale and the only place to buy them is from McCall's web site (under "Other Brands") or from Marfy's website. Also true is there are no instructions other than the fashion illustration. I'm convinced their patterns are cut by hand to order (e.g. you get pieces ready to use they are not printed on a sheet of tissue) and all of the match points, darts, etc are rubber stamped on each piece by hand. That said Marfy's a BEAUTIFULLY drafted and everything literally fits together like a dream. Their sloper tracks more to Burda than the Big 4 They are a total pleasure to work with.

  2. They always seem so beautiful and tempting when I see pictures of them. I haven't been brave enough yet though.

  3. Phyllis - Yes, thank you for the comment! All the reviews on PR seem to echo your sentiment that Marfy's are beautifully drafted. I've got to buy one now!

    Lisa - Thanks - I am going to make a point to buy a pattern in the next 30 days!

  4. They look beautiful! You're advanced, so you can handle it. Can't wait to see how it goes...

  5. I haven't made the plunge yet mainly because of the price point and the fact that there's no instructions, but I do love their patters. Phyllis' comments were good to know though - I might need to order one or two.

  6. Sister - Thanks for the confidence! I do want to try one - I am putting it on my "to do list."

    C - I know, right? The beautifully drafted comments are enticing me to try maybe one pattern to see if it is indeed true!

  7. Marfy jackets and coats can be pretty complex but many of their tops and skirts would be fine for an intermediate sewer. A good sewing refernce book like Vogue's or Reader'd Digest and/or the instructions from a similar Big 4 pattern would fill in the construction details.

  8. Phyllis - Thanks! What a great idea. I don't think I could make a coat or jacket quite yet. I am an intermediate and do have both the Vogue and Reader's Digest books!! I think I'll start with a simple dress - good tips!