Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yeah Super Buzzy!!

Dear readers,

Hooray - a new Japanese fabric and yarn store only a mile from my house!! I'm so happy!!

Now, I have to get the word out!  The owner, Kelly is fantastic - and has run an successful Japanese fabric internet business for quite some time now (over 6 years) - check out Super Buzzy - I'm just thrilled she has a store front on Main Street.  If fact I've bought from them online - and she has the best selection of Japanese fabrics - I've even purchased from her before.

I bought some fabrics with the intention of making and posting some pictures of bright summer shirts/dresses!

Extra wide cotton

Soft Gauze (linen cotton)

In all honesty - I'm happy our little hippy beach town of Ventura is inspiring artful entrepreneurs to start up their own shops!!

This made my day!


  1. Lucky! How cool - I'll check them out!

  2. I know - I'm so happy -- if I could only get my mojo back!