Monday, May 28, 2012

New Project - Treadle anyone?

Yes, Dear Readers,

A new project.  Like I'm not busy enough, right
(ok, enough of the Southern California colloquialism).
What do you think?

J. won't allow it in the house.  It needs some, let's say, refinishing.
The treadle and existing machine do, seemingly stitch.

I'm thinking of sanding and either staying with a light stain, natural or maple, if I can.  The veneer is rather thin - but on top about 1/4".  Or, perhaps a lighter paint.  I'm not sure yet.  My father thinks a cabinetmaker might be in order, obviously he knows my woodworking skills (and my dad is a general contractor).

I also plan to convert this 1957 Singer 201K below  - which has a fabulous stitch - into the treadle machine.  My only concern is that it is a wonderful electric machine - and I have never previously treadled, as it were.

Any thoughts? Stain or Paint?  What about switching the machine?

P.S.  I'm getting on a knit shirt kick I believe (although I may quickly sew some summer skirts). . . my work schedule is full BUT I am taking a sew-cation in August and September!


  1. Oh my goodness, so fun!! I have long yearned for a treadle machine. I think a stain would be the nicest, and most authentic option. Even neutral paint colors tend to look dated after time, but a wood stain always just looks classic.

  2. Katie - Yes, I am psyched about the treadle and tend to agree with you - if I can sand the veneer without ruining it (It has some patches gone) I'm going to try to the lighter stain. . . if not, maybe then paint or my dad's option - cabinetmaker.

    Alexandra - Great eye = yes it it - a 15K. . . it seemingly works but hasn't been used in quite some time. . . the machine itself may be longer term project for the restoration . . . I am kinda on a 201 binge . . .

  3. Ooh - how cool! My grandmother had one that I played with. I agree with KID's stain rec. Those machines are awesome too!

  4. Thanks S! I am excited to get it running . . . I'll try to stain it first - I'm just not sure I'll be able to sand the veneer without completely destroying . . . I agree - I'm kinda in love with the Singer 201K.