Saturday, June 9, 2012

A little visit to Pendleton Woolen Mills in Portland

Dear readers,

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this - but I visited (on a work trip) Portland for a week.  I took my Brompton and rode around the city after hours.  I learned the quadrants, met with a custom bike builder (I'm planning on buying a custom or semi-custom bike) and went to several bike shops.

The one fabric shop I was completely swooning over was a little more than 5 miles SSE of downtown  - Portland Woolen Mills  -  Here's a sampling of the fabrics I bought seriously on sale:

 Riding back from the Woolen Mills (a side trip down Sweetwater trail) loaded up with fabric:
It is worth it - I highly recommend it.  I didn't get to go to those other Portland sewing institutions, like Fabric Depot, Bolt or Scrap.  Next trip.

Here is what I plan to make with the fabric draped on the dress form - this vest below was offered as part of the Pendleton Winter line this year (for an outrageous amount (I think $278?) - I purchased the fabric above for $40.00:

Conclusion:  Portland -  a "Must See" location and visit for sewing and biking fanatics:)

Side notes:
At the Rose Garden with my Brompton:


  1. Cool pics and fabric - you're a wild woman - biking with fabric!

  2. I am soooooo jealous, one of my bucket list to do's is to visit the Pendleton Mills outlet!!!!

  3. S - Thanks! The bike was fun! I did about 45 miles total that week!

    M - It was on "my list" too - I think "Animal Farm" located downtown is a thrift store that is supposed to have second hand pendleton items - I didn't make it there though . . . my time was extremely limited. . .

  4. Hopefully one day you can visit the original Pendleton Woolen Mills in Pendleton, Oregon which is still operating today! We would love to share our little piece of history with you. They also have an outlet store!
    Travel Pendleton

  5. What a lovely blue & white plaid fabric you got (on the left). Quite jealous you went to Portland... I've been wanting to vacation there for a while now. :)

  6. Dangerous place, the Pendleton outlet. I never manage to leave without a heap of fabric and some finished goods.

  7. Thanks Travel Pendleton - I would LOVE to come to Pendelton, Oregon!

    Z! Portland is fantastic - a wonderful spot with the mountains close by!

    L - so true - I am now mad I didn't get more:)