Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simplicity 1806 View E Top with Japanese Fabric

Dear Readers,

I finally finished, after two weeks, Simplicity 1806, View E with sleeves.  Although I must remark - I think you could potentially make this top in a day or less.  I spent a few hours total on the production. . . but did do some pattern drafting - which took me longer.

Side note:  It's still a bit chilly here in Ventura, the heater was on this morning, and certainly not white linen pants weather (or style, for that matter) but it does show a great contrast with the top.  I plan to wear this blouse with jeans (and probably only, jeans). . . 

 Well, I am a bit down on patterns.  First, I have a bodice sloper that fits perfectly - so any commercial pattern I use - I must adjust - and I certainly tried, with mixed results.  It is, I think, more difficult to re-draft an existing pattern to conform to my sloper (or basic block) than to draft from scratch.  That said, I did get a palatable result.  Not perfect.

The pattern:
Here was my inspiration.  My mother made me wear the blouse in the second grade - and I resisted (as usual)- Here's to my mother for her day - a top reproduced in colors, according to her, "that photograph well."  I toyed with making a lace collar.
It's still a smidge too large in the bodice.  I recommend checking the final measurements (which I did not do because after I redrafted I simply continued on).  Below, tools I used in re-drafting the pattern. . .

I did not use the pattern directions - I simply continued under my own direction after step 3.  I drafted my own collar too - another smaller Peter Pan (yes, readers, seemingly, this is my "go-to" collar) - see below.  I previously made a blouse with the collar suggested in View E and the fabric did not lay correctly once attached.
The final garment below:
The fabric I am using is a Japanese fabric that is a medium weight linen.

I did, however, use the strange "Flange" sleeve pattern suggested by Simplicity - which is a stretched oval, much like a football, folded in half - and each half forms the sleeve to be sewn into armhole.

I also attached the facing using a sloppy fell stitch to the seams. . .If anyone has any suggestions - I'm happy to take them.

Thank goodness for my serger.

I also bought a new pattern making book, used - with great ideas to transform the sloper.  It is shown on the left - I used all three books below re-drafting and sewing this pattern . .

I've spread out some fabrics I wish to sew this spring and summer. . . .
Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there!

Update:  6/30/2012:  I wear this blouse almost every week - it's perfect!  I hardly remember the trials and tribulations in making this garment!


  1. You look gorgeous! I especially love your hair in those pics! Very sexy!

  2. Thanks!! I cut sixteen inches off! Your suit has inspired me to get my "sew-jo" back!

  3. My previous comment was lost - I LOVE the shirt, and especially your old photo. I was a freckle face too. Awesome job! And your hair is fantastic, by the way!

  4. Thanks S! I can tell you were a freckle face . . .And, thanks for the compliments:)

  5. I always work from the sloper! I would never have the patience otherwise. I have no issues because I sew vintage styles and there is little variation in the basic bodice. I can see where sewing modern with a sloper can be more of challenge and require so many more changes! I really love how cute you look in your new blouse! You did a great job! I wonder if you can cut that center front on a fold to avoid the CF seam pattern matching task?

  6. Psycho Sue - Great idea about the front - I don't know why I couldn't do that to make one panel - the other styles do have one large panel for the front - and that would have been much easier! I remember you have that tutorial on slopers - I need to check that out again!

    Thanks for the kind words and thoughts! I only have one or two true vintage patterns - but one would make an awesome bowling shirt for women:)

  7. I think your version is great! I'm gonna steal the little peter pan collar idea I think and make another in a less awful to work with fabric. I noticed you constructed your sleeves differently. If you fold the football in half WST and the fold edge becomes the hem so it is one less thing to fuss with.

  8. Great idea about the sleeves, Rebecca - Yes, I should have read the directions!! A big OOPS. But maybe that's why they fit - I have thick arms:) I remember reading your review! I loved how yours turned out!

    1. I also would make 3" Peter Pan color versus the 2.5 inches I made - I think a little thicker would have been nicer!

  9. I love your blouse.I have been looking for a loose style like this for some gorgeous silk georgette with a beautiful drape that I picked up as an oddment. I feel really inspired by your photos, and comments.