Friday, December 21, 2012

Four Days until Christmas - More Cable Scarves

Dear readers,

Another post for us on almost the fourth day before Christmas.  My scarfaganza continued - I've made two more scarves (one is a present!).
This is from my instructor's Anne's (from my favorite knitting shop - Anacapa Fine Yarns) pattern for a cable scarf - amazingly simple; here is the link from Ravelry Reversible Cable Scarf Pattern.- it's not free  - it's 5.00 dollars US but totally worth it.
This time - another Misti Alpaca scarf (wrapped up) in Oscar Night Red and a simple blue scarf for me.
I love this pattern  -  it's my favorite so far.
Misti Alpaca (2 skeins) is recommended for this pattern and I concur with that assessment!  It's a wonderful bulky yarn to work on.
Next winter (not this winter) - I want to make up this pattern, Aran inspired "Fireside Sweater" by Amber Allison. (Sorry for the small size - but if you link - it will be much bigger!).
I'm planning a visit to Ireland (I hope) this summer to inspire me!



  1. Just love your knitting. My cousin use to own an Alpaca farm and she was always knitting up beautiful scarves and such, similar to you. They certainly have a beautiful feel to them - and make super pressies at this time of year. And Ireland for inspiration - lucky you!!!...J

  2. I know - I've always wanted to go to Ireland. I've love to own an Alpaca farm - yes, I've been primarily sewing with it for my chunky projects - but dream of sewing (when I get a bit better) with cashmere and/or merino/silk. . . . Thanks for the kind words! Happy Holidays!