Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sewing inspiration: Brooks Brothers is bringing it in its Black Fleece Line.

Dear readers,

Sorry again for not posting recently.  I have made three more scarves since I posted last, a cowl and I've taken a class for a second cowl.  I'm almost done with my black pants.   So, lots of posting to do.
But I've left my camera in the car (I am that lazy!).   In order to prime my writing pump, I want to share some items I've had saved as sewing inspiration.
Have you seen Brooks new site - here's a link to their Black Fleece Label.  Their buyers/designers are doing interesting things.  I went through a period in middle school that I detested BB when my mother made me wear their clothing instead of corduroy Levi's and earth shoes I coveted.  So, it's ironic that I love their line now.

Below, is what I am dying to wear at work  -  so  I am going to try to reproduce these samples:
 The skirt is easy; the jacket - much more difficult.
I love this jacket - the back has a little tab to hang it.   Super cute.  But, outside of my price range.

Any thoughts or good links to share??


P.S.  I am not sponsored by Brooks Brothers.


  1. Good stuff! But I succeeded in wearing Jordasche jeans (just one pair, because they cost $40 - a fortune back then!) and white Keds my whole teen- and young adult-hood, so I have no inspirational links to share for beautiful grown-up clothes for work - good luck!

  2. I'd rather wear scrubs and tennies! But, every now and then I have to wear the formal lawyer garb - so I am making the best of it - although now I have my fit down - I am still struggling with execution problems!

    I remember Jordache!Cute!