Sunday, December 23, 2012

Two Days before Christmas - look what I found in the ornaments?

Dear readers!

Finally - I found my wonderful gortex bag I made for my swimming goggles (with all my swimming goggles and caps) - I replaced them during the year but didn't give up looking them.  Somehow it was placed in the Christmas Ornaments - I spent all year looking for this bag - it was going to be a tutorial.
 So, now I can show you it and it would make a great last minute gift idea. . . It's simple a lined square with a little drawstring.  Super easy and oh so functional!
I bought this high quality water repellant fabric from Seattle Fabrics in 2011 and am using it sparingly  -  it was quite expensive.

I still haven't finished my black pants (and now I've lost 15 pounds -  I may have to adjust - but I'll happily do so!) - and am working on two cowls, but no rush - all my gifts are out so they are for me.

I love when I find "lost" items.  I found a hat at the same time!

Happy Holidays!



  1. Hooray for you! I need to check out that bag - Drew lost his sleeping bag storage bag thing, so I thought I'd sew him one - should be like yours but much bigger....maybe after Christmas though...3 people have already requested jackets from me....and I'm starting your washcloth today!

  2. Yes, you could totally sew this up quickly! Oh - the washcloths thankfully are quick. But THREE Jackets - you're going to have to go into full labor mode with the sewing - I seem to remember your jackets are time consuming!