Monday, June 10, 2013

New Years Goals: Almost half way through where do I stand?

Dear Readers,

I am apparently, revising my New Years goals - I'm home for two weeks following some minor foot surgery and eventually hope to make something (or finish that day dress!).  I've come a long way on my goals so now I am adding some "embellishments."

1.  Expand my knitting skills.  (Update: Complete, except for sweater - I learned DPNs, fingerless mitts (1 set down - the second set, Suzie's below are 35% complete), hat and socks, and bought a craftsy sweater class).  Expansion:  I bought an complete fleece (saddle and sides) from my office colleague (it's grey/rose and soft) - I may learn to also spin once I have the fleece treated!

 The above pattern is free, Susie's Reading Mitts, available at Ravelry (Thanks Tanya of Sew Sassy Again for the link to this pattern).

The class I bought is below, Celtic Cables, from the talented Irish Knitting Designer, Carol Feller, whose blog is stolen stitches, to learn to do a Aran sweater (yes, my obsession with Irish culture continues).  However, I have not bought the yarn quite yet.  
2.  Perfect a button down dress shirt.  I purchased a craftsy course:  The Classic Tailored Shirt by Pam Howard. I plan to make my own pattern with my sloper.  Update:  Materials all bought - need to sew.
3.  Make a tailored jacket - like the Colette Patterns, Anise.  This will take some hand tailoring skills.  Sarai of Colette Patterns has a wonderful Anise Sew-Along.  I love Colette Patterns. Update: I am going to try to squeeze in my green fabric - I have all the materials necessary after becoming discouraged and stopping because I perceived that I didn't have enough fabric.  Thanks for the comments readers.  I do plan to make a toile first.

4.  Sew at least one Wearing History/Decades of Style/Hotpatterns' garment.  I'm not sure which but one of the below!  Although I've owned these independent designers' patterns for awhile - I've never taken the plunge to sew them up! (Update:  Day dress toile made and altered - need to sew it up).  

5.  Stash and Pattern Busting.  Bust some of my stash and get through some of the fabulous fabric I own waiting to be made up into a wearable garment, either from my slopers or my abundance of patterns.  This is not my current stash below, believe me - it' (Update:  I gave some fabric to the Breast Cancer sewing group - and am using stash materials - so I'm trying!).

6.  Expansion:  Learn to hand embroider.  Yep I said it.  Hand-embroider.  I know my machine, the Bernina 430 has the option to buy the machine embroidery unit (pricey - and the deal - killer - I have a Mac rather than Windows) - but hand-embroidery is just as nice and a bit funkier. 

7.  Expansion:  Learn to play the ukulele - Learning to play does help when my BFF/SO  is a professional musician.  I bought a Hawaiian Ukulele (Concert Koaloha) in early March after buying a ukulele for J. for Christmas and using his.  We can already play about 20 songs already (tabs/chords).  I am amazed - especially since I can't read a note of music or play any other instruments.   I will post a video when I can of J. and I - we formed a uke duo.   Bring on the camp.  Our favorites:  Island in the Sun, Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head, All My Loving, Love Me Do, Stand by Me, Take Me Home Country Roads, and Surfing U.S.A.  The great thing about ukulele is you are allowed to have fun, and not take yourself too seriously. 

Readers, how are you doing mid-year with your goals?  Any revisions?  



  1. Ooh, you're making me tired just reading that list - very ambitious. I think I bought that Craftsy shirt class after you talked about it, but I haven't even finished the draping class yet! Very cool about the ukulele, and most of your song choices are ones I listened to growing how about some Glenn Campbell?

  2. Oh dear gosh - that is too funny! Jonathan and I are actively searching for the tabulature for "Rhinestone Cowboy" that's our next song goal. Yes, I can't wait to see your draping projects. Hopefully, I can get started eventually on the perfect shirt too!