Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review of Free Craftsy Class on Mastering Zipper Techniques

Dear readers,

I'm stuck in bed (mostly) convalescing from minor foot surgery.  So, I cannot sew, or really do anything sitting yet - but what I can do:  finally watch my Craftsy classes while I put off finishing knitting projects!

First one up - a class featuring Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch -  on Mastering Zipper Techniques.  I previously bought gorgeous sewing pressing hams from her and love them still.
The class was free at Craftsy Online Classes  - I wasn't totally sure what I would learn from the class at first.  I am already signed up for the zipper class at ASG in Arlington this summer.  But I was confounded at the amount of knowledge I gained.  And no, I am not on percocet.

The highlights:

1)  Sunni uses a extremely fine non-woven fusible to interface her all three zipper techniques. This interfacing is fusible and 1 1/4 inches wide (perfect for 5/8 seam zippers).  Here is where you can find it - Sunni's shop - or direct from the Emma Seabrooke (who lives in Islamorada in the Florida Keys).

2) The zipper instruction includes slot seam zippers, with and without lining, invisible zippers, with and without lining, and finally a lapped zipper insertion.

3) I learned I was putting on my waistband in an awkward way when using a lining of a skirt and inserting an invisible zipper.  I learned apparently from dastardly pattern instructions.  This is worth viewing alone.   She shows a fantastic technique (that will require that your pattern pieces and waistband be close to perfect, however) where the zipper and back waist is finished first all by machine rather than by hand.

4)  I never thought I would want to do a lapped zipper - but she makes it seem so easy and exquisite.

5)  For both zippers, lapped and slot seam, other than the invisible - she uses 1/4" Steam-a-Seam Tape (available everywhere) to effectively baste the zipper.  I'm going to have to invest in this.  I use wonder tape and it never does a good job.  Too gunky - I end up changing needles frequently.  Wonder tape out/Steam-a-Seam In.
6) I need to buy an invisible zipper foot - specifically Bernina #35.  I can't believe I don't have one - I'm a bit of a foot addict.

7)  I learned finally how to finish the back seam of the skirt flawlessly, with or without lining.  The tails of my zippers are always wonky and rarely are perfect - now that I see by video how she does it, while she provides tips.   I think my execution now will improve!

Highly recommended! And, I viewed all the lessons in one evening about 2 hours.  They are short but somewhat time consuming, nonetheless.

I'm already through lesson 3 on the Craftsy class - The Classic Tailored Shirt!

How did we ever recover from sickness or injury before the internet??



  1. Sounds great; I'll have to put this one on my wish list. thanks for the review. Know about foot surgery; hope you do well; yes, internet is wonderful for recuperation!

    1. Thanks Linda - so true. I couldn't sleep last night for awhile so I watched more videos! I was very surprised that I loved this short class!

  2. Enabler! Just added that one to my queue at Craftsy...now to have some surgery so I can finally watch all these classes! Hope your foot heals quickly. Oh, and did you make a new layout for your blog? Couldn't tell why it looked so different - but I like it!

    1. Yes, it is a good class! Yes, right? Thanks! Well, I am "playing" with the layouts I haven't decided on the final one - I'd like to make a cartoon header with sewing and Pixie but am not a great cartoonist! So, I'm trying to spice things up. Plus, I'm bored. Thanks again!