Monday, October 12, 2009

Anthropologie Dress

I love this dress; but it seems rather pricey for the asking price.
It's a simple knit dress with ruffles - maybe $40.00 in material (more likely
less than $10.00 in industrial/commercial prices) - but it's so flattering on!

Crazy - what do you think - would you buy a dress that was overpriced if it
made your figure look sublimely skinny and very fashionable?

I'd like to make this! I'm tempted.


  1. You could totally make that!! It's a sheath dress with flutter sleeves and a bunch of ruffles tacked on top. I bet they aren't even hemmed...

  2. You're so right! I looked at it - non of this very thin, and very light jersey - and not one edge is hemmed!

  3. Dec 2009: I did end up buying the dress (I'm weak!) - but have worn it now a half dozen times so it was definitely worth it - but next time I wouldn't mind making it!