Monday, October 5, 2009

Kwik Sew 2605. Easy Breezy Confidence Building Skirt

Well - I know I haven't disclosed this on my blog - I'm stuck on a Vogue Shift Dress that gets very mixed reviews on PR. The muslins I made look like a bag on me. I think the main problem isn't the dress - rather it's the actual dress on my body shape - I have a inverted triangle/strawberry shape - when I'm in shape I'm a rectangle. So, a Shift Dress that is very blousy up top is not doing me any favors!

So, as a result of this halting of the first garment for me that I have sewn - I'm doing an "easy to sew" pattern. It was super easy!!

My pattern review for this is at

I've posted some pictures of the skirt - it's very simple - no topstitching or decorative stitches - it is what it is! Next time I might drop the back hem a bit (rather than a pattern alteration). Pants and skirts much more easy for me. I have problems with bodices, mostly because I have to do a high back adjustment and forward shoulders (not to mention they are very large!). Pants and skirts (I'm straight) - no curves = easy!! Well, almost no curves:)

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