Thursday, October 29, 2009

One of Two Elvis' McCalls 5734

Thanks goodness I finished one of two Elvis'.  This costume is nearly done and I'm so happy  - J is going to help and finish the belt (why is the belt with the pattern so costumey??).

He claims to be also skilled with a bedazzler!!  Yes, it's true.  A man and his bedazzler.

Quite frankly, I'm swamped at work and cannot wait until these costumes are done so I can do some fun sewing without a deadline! (Why are there so many deadlines in my life right now).  Both personnally, well, let's just say I'm 43 and not getting younger!

Seriously, I'm not sure you feel this way - but when I have a deadline - it's really tough to make it fun - maybe it's just my rebellious nature!

So, in summary this is one of two costumes on the hangar:

On J (Great technique!!):

Test of a belt that did not work out before collar and sleeves set in:

And, with a test belt (J. is in charge of the belt(s) and bedazzling!):