Saturday, October 24, 2009

This weekend is all about the Elvis'

I will finish the Elvis Costumes this weekend (or get them majorly done!). I can't wait to start my next projects:  Will the Elvis' ever be over - I'll post my progress at the end of the weekend!

Here is the list of some selected projects in my stash:

Kwik Sew 3271 (View B - picked because I wanted some soft and light stretch denim pants with some elastic in the back and a straight front - easy wearing).

Kwik Sew 3070 (J. wants some scooby flannel pants for around the house!)

Simplicity 2603 (the famous and TNT Cozy - I'm a bit late to the party:)).


Kwik Sew 3576 (I normally look good in this style and can even wear this to work (well - if it's in grey or black:)).

I do want to do more "vintage" pieces and eventually tackle more complex projects - I've just picked sewing back up (based on all the "time" I have now that I'm retiring from what basically was a second job). . .I'm starting very slowly with projects I know I can do! I've got some great patterns waiting for me in my stash and I can wait to do them and tell you about them, but first, one step at a time (darn it!).

But, first the Elvis'. I've pin fitted the tissue on J. and now to cut and sew the main pieces. . .

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  1. Hi Pammie. I'm glad I've found your blog - looks like you're going to be making some really interesting things. That Kwik Sew dress looks great and I'm really looking forward to seeing the Elvis outfit.