Thursday, January 21, 2010

First gold star on PR & new patterns! All in one day:)

Exciting news:)  I received my first gold star on pattern review!  Hurray!
Thanks everyone!!

Well, as you all know by now - I'm a bit late to the party with my post - but
there are exciting new patterns out by the Big 3 and Kwik Sew.

I did find an exciting top by Kwik Sew 3755 (see above).  Some of you may remember this Anthropologie Post - where I coveted (and ultimately bought) this ultra expensive Anthro dress (which I've worn countless times now and love!).  Although some of you correctly pointed out I could have made this very inexpensively.   Now I can make my own dress and shirt!  Here are the Anthro originals:

I do like some of the Vogue Vintage (I didn't realized they had vintage) - not newly issued but new to me.  Here's one example Vogue Vintage 2960:

I also think Vogue 8634 would be easy and flattering:

Finally, did you see that new body shape key that is linked to every patterm to suggest the pattern for your body shape?  I've copied the text below:

Figure Flattery:
Determine your body shape from the explanations below and use our KEY TO FIGURE FLATTERY diagram to select styles that are particularly flattering to your figure. Choosing styles suited to your body shape can also eliminate the need for most pattern adjustments. Look for the figure symbol that indicates your body shape, then proceed with confidence, knowing that your pattern adjustments will be minimal and your garment will be pure figure flattery.
Inverted TriangeTHE INVERTED TRIANGLE: Large bust and/or broad shoulders with narrow hips
TriangleTHE TRIANGLE: Small bust and/or narrow shoulders with full hips and/or thighs.
RectangleTHE RECTANGLE: Balanced on top and bottom, but boxy, with little or no waist definition.
HourglassTHE HOURGLASS: Equally balanced on top and bottom, with a trim waist.
I wonder how accurate that is  -  That is to say that I am a inverted triangle but Vogue stills suggests my style for a small-waist project - we'll see......................


  1. Ooh. I hadn't seen the new Kwik Sew patterns! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I just discovered the new Kwik Sew tiered pattern. Love it! There was a shirt from J Crew which I was tempted by!

  3. Congrats on your first PR star! Lovin' that Kwik Sew dress.

  4. Ooooh, Pammie, well spotted on the Kwik Sew dress/top - I hadn't seen that one and it's gorgeous. My local retailer stocks Kwik Sew - I think I might have to have to get down there tomorrow! Congrats on your PR star.