Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Britex Fabrics Polartec 200 Purchase

Greetings all!

I have recently had the chance to visit Britex Fabrics in San Francisco - I bought two yards of Polartec 200 fabric - in black (2 yards) and clover (almost a sage, 2 yards) to make some comfy pants for J. and I.

I also bought a variety of "frogs" and some scissors (which I plan to use to cut my dogs fall near their eyes) - I had a hole (as usual in the elbow area) in my favorite black cashmere sweater and "was forced" to repair it:).

Overall impressions were  -  excellent fabric selections - BUT, ridiculously expensive (though the polartec was 15.99 a yard).   Now, after purchasing this fabric - I researched Polartec 200 and found out it's sold for 10.99 a yard direct from Polartec at the PolarTec Mill Website.  Bummer!  But, at least it lead to me finding these great fabrics directly from the Mill in the future - and much more than the Polartec 200. . .in addition, Britex tells me they their Polartec from Los Angeles - apparently I'm missing a link somewhere.

I picked out a houndstooth print (wool) remnant and shockingly, it was $125.00 a yard.  More ridiculous though, was the fact that some cashmere remnants were $350.00 a yard (I can buy excellent quality cashmere in LA for 69.00) - although readers I do note that my sewing skills don't warrant any cashmere purchases at this point.

I understand it's just off Union Square, but really - that is way to much for me to contemplate!  I would classify Mood as the Target/Nordstrom of the Fabric world compared to Britex (and Mood as you isn't THAT cheap!).  . . .Britix is more like Saks full price or Barnies (full price).  That being said, they clearly have the market on buttons!! Fantastic - unfortunately I'm good on buttons right now. . .

I could have gone to many other stores in the Bay area - but really I only had time for a short jaunt!

Can't wait to get home and do some sewing this weekend.  Pixie had an emergency room visit by our emergency vet (ie.  not our free base vet)  and by an emergency dog ophthalmologist  - she punctured her cornea but is fine (of course, all while I'm up in San Francisco!). . .

Well, these are all my visiting fabric purchases until July - when I intend to hit up Seattle Fabrics. . .


  1. Hi - I've passed on an award to your blog that you can pick up at mine if you want. (Like a chain-letter? I think so, but boy it brings people by!)

  2. Thanks Sister!! I've been by your blog and love it!! That's wonderful!