Sunday, March 21, 2010

Very close to being done with the Colette Macaron

I'm so close. . . I've finished the dress minus the sleeves and the lining.

I'm stuck on the lining - if no lining - I'd have those sleeves set in  - in less than an hour. . . I don't apparently have the correct needle for china silk (or silk) I need a 60-70 according to Threads and I've been using 90.  In addition, Sandra Betzina(sp?) recommends cotton embroidery thread if you're really using a small needle.  I can't sew my outfit because the lining keeps skipping stitches so tomorrow - more needles:)

By the way, this pattern fits excellent  - it does run large though - I cut a 10 below and 14 top and really had to take a lot in - even though I made a muslin . . .

I also had some problems in the construction since I chose checks instead of a general print - which I solved (I think)  -  I will detail more of my sewing during the review once my item is done!

Sorry about the bad picture - J. took it with my iphone . .  .


  1. Pretty fabric combo and your plaid matching looks seamless from here. Nice work!

  2. You did a great job and like the pocket detail.

  3. Oh wow - it looks wonderful - it's going to be beautiful. This style really suits you.