Saturday, March 13, 2010

Slow goes the blogging: Macaron Muslin

Yes, I've been very slow to blog - a hurt ankle and a trip to Virginia are to blame!  I completed the Colette Macaron Muslin last weekend - here are my findings:

1)  Great pattern!! Fantastic!! Almost perfect fit.
2)  Needed alterations:
a. Forward shoulder (I did this on the muslin)
b.  I need to change the darts to make them point to the correct location on my bust. . .
c.  The band under the bust must be significantly lengthened (some other
reviewers report this as well!)
d.  I need some pleat advice - I am looking up some pleat techniques to see which are more flattering - I am also moving the placement of the pleats so
they are not so far apart.
e.  Need to scale down the hips significantly - the skirt is very very large in the hips.

So, I tried to find interesting fabric stores in Norfolk/Va. Beach to no avail.  So, I bought some shoe laces (blue) and gave my lightweight hiking boots a "makeover."
I also include my heavy boots - I may change those laces out too - they look a bit "lumberjacky."

I hope to complete at least one version of the Macaron in the next two weeks.


  1. Such a nice design. I can't wait to see how it comes out! Glad that you are back and feeling like blogging!

  2. The muslin is coming along nicely and looking forward to the final.

  3. Thanks so much; I can't believe I've slowed down so much! I guess not walking correctly can really tire you out - I mean I was steaming toward getting three dresses done before March 17 - I still only have this muslin. . . on the good side I have to go to San Francisco this week for a few days and am going to hope over to an interesting fabric shop (I hope!). . .