Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first project back - Wadder! (Of course)

Hi All,

I'm back from intense work matters  - and guess what?  My first project, wadder!  Just like last summer when I first took up garment sewing!  Of course.  The pattern is Vogue 8650.

I'm sorry I didn't take a photo - my morale was low and I immediately began reconstructing the garment into a cowl top - which I will post as soon as I complete the details.  Here is the link to my "not recommended" pattern review: Pattern Review Link. 

Why a wadder?  The pattern was huge - I cut the smallest size (14) - and I was absolutely swimming in it (even after pleats).  For my body shape it was not a flattering style - I think the pleats in the chest area are a big "NO" for me.

However, I did lose 10 pounds and am on P90X, day 84.  So, I've lost a cup size on my bust, two inches in my back area, 2 inches waist, and 2 inches hips - so it may be that I am smaller - but I cut a 14 - which is a 36 bust and in reality I am a 37-38" bust measurement - and it was gigantic!

BTW, has everyone seen Simplicity's "Go Green" patterns - they are kind of fun - here is the Go Green Link.

When I was up in Seattle, I visited Seattle Fabrics (an outdoor-adventure fabric store) - and bought tons of fabric.  So, I am working on some projects for an Alaska trip!  I will list them in a separate post -but it was quite a few Green Pepper patterns.


  1. Sorry about the wadder - sometimes things just don't work out - it happens to us all!! Hopefully your rescue mission will work out well.

  2. What a diappointment! Can honestly say that it's happened to me before, but sometimes the refashion of the "wadder" becomes a wonderful surprise.

    Good Luck

  3. Well congrats on losing the pounds and inches, and fabulous save on the wadder turning it into that great cowlneck!