Saturday, August 7, 2010

Polartec, Polartec, Polartec . . .

Hello dear readers,

Well, I've sewn my first piece of Polartec acquired from San Francisco and Seattle.  It's the old faithful Kwik Sew 3070.

Here is an action pose, again, not that exciting, but we do what we can.

One note on this tried and true pattern - as I reported last time - lots of ease.  J. and I have been embarking (and now almost finished) on P90X - we've both lost a few inches and pounds.  J. has a 37" waist and hips and his 34 waist RTW is baggy.  I cut this a Medium (thinking I cut a Large last time and it was too big).  I had to recut to a Small - and so I am thinking that this pattern runs huge.  I tailored the pants more after taking this picture late this evening so the fit is even a bit better.

I would say if you are a man and have a measured waist size less than 34" - you simply could not wear this pattern (and maybe, nor would you want to - it's not exactly fashionable).  But perfect for Polartec 200.

Poor men - I can see fitted clothing (and really, just the size of the collections) is none-existent to very very small.  It must be challenging.  Which seems strange, as I know a host of men who sew - or who have sewn in their past!!

I also put in a drawstring cord, contrast pockets and a small D. Ring so that J. can put the doggie bags somewhere for his morning outings with the dogs.

Up soon:  Vogue purchases, Simplicity 2603 cozy cutdown (looks great! and feels less heavy), and onto three more Polartec projects. . .


  1. He looks happy! Sewing for men can be a challenge. I've pretty much given up on dress slacks for Mitch, although Pj/lounge pants and athletic wear are all fun (and economical!) to sew for him.

  2. Great pants - J must be delighted. They look perfect for the morning dog walk - the dogs must be very happy to be accompanied by such a well dressed human!

  3. Cool pants - neat pockets and the D-ring is awesome - you're so clever!