Sunday, August 29, 2010

Macaron Again!

Dear readers!
I'm attempting to refine my sewing.  Hence, I am only completing the bodice and lining and working on precision.
This is the bodice to Colette Pattern Macaron.  Although I made it before I was not happy with the results!!  This is a basted version with a stitch size of 5.0.  It still fits well!

The skirt will be made of the material below:
It's a Japanese fabric called Echino (it's a linen cotton mix) that I bought from Sew-LA.

I am lining it - although the pattern doesn't call for it.  I chose a very light cotton material to line it.  It is very thin - so  hopefully it will work out well.

I am working to slowly fit the bodice and line the bodice (sleeveless) and I hope that this brings more precision to my work and more tailoring techniques.  I need to improve my technique! Today I plan to finish the bodice and lining and attach to the bodice only!  I am trying to slow down.

Finally, my dressform is exactly my size with the exception of the waist - which I padded.  Thanks P90X!   I am going to start working out for another 90 days of that program - so I guess it's conceivable I could get smaller than my dressform (oops!!).  I hope so:)


  1. Looks like you've made a great start on your Macaron!! Congrats on you weight loss! It's frustrating to be smaller than your dressform, but it does feel good on one level!

  2. Thanks!! I only lost 10 lbs but three inches bust, waist and hips:) Weights - who knew? And now I can go sleeveless!

  3. That fabric is WILD! I've been wanting to try some Japanese fabric. My in-laws are going in October and always bring something back for me - I may have to ask for fabric instead of the usual kimono. Can't wait to see the finished dress!

  4. Sister - they have a fabric district there - it was closed for a religious holiday when I was in Tokyo (of course!!) - I'll look it up and get back to you!

  5. Congratulations on your project-dressed Macaron, it looks good, now with weight loss it looks even better. I love your fabric!

  6. What gorgeous fabric - I love the print - the dress is going to look amazing!