Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review Green Pepper F875 - Oregon Trail Messenger Bag (Small)

Dear Readers,

I've finished my first project of the year - unfortunately, it is a bit of a mess.
For your consideration, Green Pepper F875, the Oregon Trail Messenger Bag (now numbered #545).
I made the small satchel, for the purposes of checking out this pattern.  I like it  - I don't love it.
The pattern was coming together rather well; however, once I "bagged" the lining - I fell apart.  The lining is bagged right side up to the inside-out outer bag - this makes it fairly impossible to get it straight.  I think next time - I am merely going to bind the edges - much easier and I can ensure it is straight.  Here, the top cover is simply too narrow.

I also made a mistake with the material:  this pattern calls for heavy canvas or the like - I made it with a thick linen and minky lining:)  So, it's a bit too squishy.  I could and probably would have recommended facing it with a heavy-weight pellon interfacing - but believe me the construction calls for many layers - and sewing it would have been a challenge.
 A picture of the adorable (I think) fabric:
Even though it's not perfect, I can see myself wearing it or even carrying a camera in it - in my world (where I frequently travel) you can never have enough bags.

Here is the original pattern F875, the Oregon Trail Messenger Bag (now #545):
And a new Green Pepper pattern, the Village Courier Bag, #555, which I would recommend trying - it looks like it would be easier to construct:

Luckily, my sister-in-law (to be), sent me a wonderful bag for Christmas - so I have a nice finished project to wear while biking!
Now, moving on the red jeans - my now TNT jeans pattern from Jennifer Stern.  I am sure this will trigger a jeans obsession!

I also am dying to create a new pattern for a bicycle seat saddle bag!  If you know of any please let me know.

P.S.  Another resolution albeit materialistic:  I am going to bite the bullet and trade in my workhorse serger for a babylock air threading serger at some point before the end of spring.  It sometimes takes me up to three days to successfully thread my Bernette 334 (obviously user error) but it's driving me batty!


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been wanting that pattern forever. Now I'll definitely take a look at the new messenger bag pattern before making the commitment.

  2. Thanks Birdmommy! I didn't mention it but I think the larger bag would be easier to put together as well!

  3. Well I LOVE the fabric too! Sorry you don't love the whole thing, but it looks good to me. Can't wait to see the red jeans - and thanks for the link to her workbook - I'm signing up and will probably buy that.

  4. Thanks S! Yes, you do get the workbook if you take her class - I found it extremely informative!