Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jeans, again . . .


I am starting my JSterns jeans again in red denim.  I have them cut, serged the appropriate parts - and am getting ready to start sewing today.

I forgot to post some details on my first pair:
I did finish my jeans using some nickel rivets from Tandy leather company
and inexpensive (it shows!) Fabric Store Jeans Buttons.
However, you can buy really great buttons at this link and rivets (even in nickel black) at Grommet Mart.  I bought some new rivets and jeans buttons off a cool ebay seller LINK HERE.:
Celtic Rivets:
 H script button:

As for denim fabric, I have previously bought mine at Mood, and at Fabric Town, a locally owned fabric store and have now found a new source, Pacific Denim Outlet - who sells to the Jeans Designers here - I'm checking into it and will get back to you.

Premium high design denims are normally (but not always there are some domestics) imported from outside the United States, but manufactured to a finished garment in Los Angeles.

Here is a pair of True Religion Jeans Below (bought for less than 20.00 at True Religion outlet but priced retail at around 200.00).  Note the techniques used in distressing the denim.

The first technique, I believe, is sand-washing (this is what I am calling it). Note the distressing in both photos around the knees and the back of the jeans.  By the way, this denim here is HEAVY - not a light lycra blend.
The second, note the whiskers on the denim in the picture above.
I've attached a great youtube videos explaining the technique that you may enjoy.

Perhaps a handy husband or boyfriend might help out in the quest to achieve the perfect distressed denim.  J. is a musician, so I am out of luck, unless I can convince my father or brother to assist!


  1. I like your article.And you can have a good see in true religion joey.

  2. Ooh, thanks for the links! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  3. Thanks!! I'm almost finished with the red jeans - pockets, belt loops, hem and rivets!