Sunday, January 15, 2012

Red Jeans Everywhere! JStern 0037 Jeans review.

Dear readers,

As promised, JStern jeans, my second version, in red stretch denim from the much-loved TNT pattern.   Red jeans are in (as far as trends) right now - I'm seeing them everywhere.  ( I also chopped 16" off my hair - this is the wavy version).
 I bought the fabric from mood.  I'm wearing Danski clogs, bought in Seattle during a rainstorm two years ago, and a rain jacket from Anthropologie I'm not sure I'm keeping (it really never rains here but may be very good for travel for a less sporty option).
 Again, they are a perfect fit.  I took Jennifer's class at ASG in Los Angeles where she led us through a  fitting session (and in which I blogged about in detail).  I used stretch denim.  Her instructions state to use denim with no more than 2-3% stretch and these jeans probably have 30%!  I bought the fabric from Mood back in September.  So, I sewed the crotch and inseams the same as directed and used a 3/4 hem on the sides and I have plenty of room to move.

I also deepened and extended the back crotch curve and deepened and extended the front crotch curve.  Result: comfy!

 Here they are again, a bit closer up - really a wonderful fit and I'm thrilled.
 Here is the flat version - as you can see my waist is almost the same as my hips (darn it!).
 My fancy button ordered from ebay!
Another big decision were the pockets.  I left a simple pattern with no hoods on the pockets.  I thought that red was enough.  However, I did make a mistake.  The pockets are stretchy and when I attached them the tops were stretched - so these are mock pockets without a pocket opening, so they lay flat!

I recommend if using stretch denim to use a material such as silk organza as an interfacing, and to add ribbon or other materials inside where the pocket opening exists to reinforce the opening (high end jeans do this I see in my RTW jeans).  Therefore, you get reinforced pockets with little to no stretch.

One more recommendation - Jennifer recommends sewing on the pockets before the pants are put together (outseams and inseams); however, I wait until right before I put on the belt loops - it seams I am very picky about the placement.  I recommend this method, although it does make it more difficult to sew the pockets on.  But I'm okay with the difficulty I'm much more concerned with pocket placement.

This pattern is a dream to sew up and I highly recommend it.

Now, what to do with myself - I have no more UFOs.  I bought some quilting material and have plenty of patterns and stash material to sew.  I'm pretty excited to catch up on my projects!


  1. Holy Moly! Those are fanTAStic! Love everything - the pocket details, the fit, the stitching that looks RTW, and love that belt you're wearing with them in the second pic. Congratulations!

  2. Awesome jeans!! I second the belt love, too. It's a perfect match. I think I need to copy you soon...

  3. Thanks so much!!!! Please do - I didn't know red jeans were going to be such a hit this winter - but I'm seeing them everywhere!! And, thanks for the cool comments!

  4. These are AWESOME and your hair is fantastic. Love the whole outfit.

  5. Thanks K.Line! I love them! So much more comfy than RTW - I'm always amazed that clothes with the correct fit are just more comfortable and attractive!

  6. They are fabulous! I'm totally envious of the awesome fit. I desperately want to make pants that fit me. Great job!

  7. Great pair of pants, very stylish and well fitted. I would want a pair in every colour possible ...

  8. Oh yeah, and love your hair too - very flattering!

  9. Thanks!!! It is a relief to do my hair in the shortest amount of time!

  10. Great jeans and they fit you perfectly. Your hair looks fantastic.
    You are not alone... my hips are darn near the same size as my waist too and always need to tweak the hip area when I make pants.

  11. Thanks!!!!! I love these jeans - so stretchy!!! Yes, waist is almost hip size, darn it!