Monday, January 9, 2012


Dear readers,

Jennifer Stern graciously featured the fit of my jeans on her blog  - JStern's Blog Here.  I love the fit - very comfortable - now I wish my first pair had better execution in the stitching - at the time I was fiddling with flat felled stitching (lap seams) - somewhat unsuccessfully!

Almost done with my second pair of jeans:
One of the parts of the jeans making process I find so intoxicating is the multitude of decisions that must be made before the final result. 

Below, my project is cut and waiting to be sewn:
One of my first decisions was where to sew the coin pocket (if any) on the jeans.  So I pulled a few pairs of jeans out below, to examine the differences on current designer jeans.
A few different styles from Hudson and True Religion Jeans.  It turns out, almost anything goes with the placement and design of the coin pocket.
I could have left out the pocket, but almost every "classic five-pocket design" jeans has one of these pockets.  

I looked into the history of the coin pocket.  Apparently, the small denim pocket above the front pocket first made its appearance in 1890 on Levi's intended to be used for coins and pocket watches.  

After some consideration, I chose a slightly off center style to add some pizzazz.  They are red, after all.

I am almost finished with the jeans.  All I have to complete are the belt loops, buttons and rivets, back pockets, and hem.


  1. Red jeans with added pizzazz - just perfect!!!

  2. Congrats on the spotlight! That is exciting!! I love the red jeans. I've been thinking of making a pair myself. I can't wait to see how yours come out!

  3. You're a star! They look great on her blog - can't wait to see the red ones!

  4. Thanks for the comments - after a short trip to San Diego I'm hoping to finish very soon!