Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another (fun) Self-Drafted A-Line Skirt

Dear readers,

I've made another skirt from my skirt sloper - this time I made an A-line skirt using the adjustments I've learned from two sources. . .

 The fabric is from G-Street Fabrics - $6.00 on their "skirt ends" table.
 A back view above, showing the A-line shape.
 I keep getting photo-bombed by my Kerry, Pixie.
 I inserted a quick lining from the stash - albeit a bit uneven.  It peeks out when I sit - but at this point - I'm ok to live with that:)
 This methodology is what I merely used.  Adding a bit of flare at the side of the skirt.  This reference is from a used book:  "How to Design your own clothes and make your own Patterns" by Claudia Ein.  I do like some of the ideas.
 And, adding to the flare is an option, slash and spread method by Helen Joseph Armstrong, "Patternmaking for Fashion Design."  I didn't use the slash and spread method as the skirt materials didn't drape as well, and it is suiting material.  Although I do plan to use this method sometime in the future.
 Photobombed again!
Finally!  Still photo-bombed but you can see the shoes.  Fidji - my heels broke consecutively in DC, and then in Bremerton/Poulsbo - so I WAS FORCED to run out and buy some new shoes in both locations.   At first, I thought these might be a bit "elfish" but they have turned out to be super comfy 1.5 - 2 inch red heel, and really, my "go to" heel for jeans and even while teaching.   They are the result of a great recommendation from a travel (and sewing) buddy.

More sew-cation work to follow!


  1. Looks like the skirt sloper is perfect for you. This skirt looks super, and love the change of colour for the lining...

  2. Wait a minute, I live near Bremerton and Poulsbo, I spent yesterday at a seminar in Bremerton. You mean Washington, right? Hope you enjoyed our currant beautiful weather. I love the skirt, the lining is so pretty and the shoes are great! Tami

  3. Yes, I did!! I bought the shoes in a walking store in Poulsbo and was teaching in Bremerton, when the airlines melted my Cole Hahn red patent wedges. So, we went out and found these just really by accident. I do love your area! Love it! Thanks Judith and A. for the compliments!

  4. Great skirt, and I adore those shoes! I have totally missed all these blog posts - I'm trying to catch up...

  5. Thanks S - Amazinglly, they are very comfy!