Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gertie's Portrait Blouse (in Jersey Knit!) Review

Dear readers,

I've loved wonderful bloggers' Katie's version of the Portrait Blouse, and Rachel's version from My Messings reviews of the Portrait Blouse of Gretchen's book:   Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing.

I've constructed my own rendition, a jersey knit, above, after my silk(ish) woven toile failed.

Gertie's book is intriguing!  This pattern is only two pieces with facings for the collar.  The armholes are very small seams.  I should be able to draft a nice silk - but alas, I cannot.

Why?  I tried to rotate the darts on my princess-seamed sloper to then alter Gertie's pattern from the book - which I sketched out.  But for some reason, my rotation is not correct.  Gertie's pattern calls for side darts - and this is where my trouble lies.  Rather than construct another toile - I decided to go with two jersey knit fabrics from Mood, bought recently, with alterations based on the first toile.

The second blouse is under construction, while I speak (a wonderful Betsey Johnson jersey knit!).   This blouse took me less than two hours to construct once cut.  I WILL DEFINITELY make this again - it looks great under suits!

Another quick portrait blouse to follow!


  1. It looks great, and what a fun idea to make it in jersey. You are having. An amazing sew-cation!!

  2. Thanks!! I love these blouses - I'd love to make one up in Silk Jersey! My production has slowed down (I'm thinking of buying a house) . . but these are easy to zip up. This one pattern will more than pay for Gertie's book!!

  3. This looks brilliant - worth making up a few more for the wardrobe. Looking forward to seeing your next one...

  4. Thanks J! Just finished my next one - it is super easy to sew up!

  5. Love the top, especially with that jacket! I have a Betsey Johnson dress I bought in Boston several years ago - I had no idea she made fabric too. Where did you get it?

  6. Thanks S!! Yes, apparently she is closing some stores and Mood here in LA had the fabric - they also have an online store as well, Mood fabrics. However, I did search and didn't see "Betsy or Betsey Johnson" fabric listed. It is possible the fabric is from somewhere else but she bought it for manufacturing. . . . .

  7. Oh....yeah, when I googled I didn't come up with anything. Very cool though!