Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tank Top!

Dear reader,

I fell in love with a slightly small, but long length wise sale tank top from Anthropologie.  So, I did what every good seamstress would have done - copied it immediately.

 The original is on the left and the one I made (now I realize in the execution stage what I could have done better) - is the red one on the right!  I merely traced the design and added a ribbing.  I also used my serger to put the knit jersey together and my sewing machine (with a stretch needle) for the ribbing.
Photo-bombed again, but here is it made with my self-sewn Jennifer Stern jeans, an Anthropologie coat and hat.  It's a bit tight - but I like to think of my tanks as SHAPEWEAR:)

More knits to follow - this tank top kicked off a knit kick with two more tops.

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