Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Equinox and Inspiration.

Dear readers,

Today is the first day of Fall.

I am busy knitting away on two pair of new socks (my first and I love them!!).  BTW, I absolutely love my knitted Funky Grandpa Sweater.  It's been hot but I've been wearing it as much as possible!  Who knew -- that I would knit sweaters I actually wear.
Above, Funky Grandpa sweater, blogged here, my painstaking sewn princess seam blouse, Butterick 5678 blogged here, and pencil skirt fom my sloper, blogged here.

In the meantime, I'm thinking about some Fall sewing.  I see the trends as plaids, dark florals, and bomber jackets, to mention a few -- here are some pictures of Fall inspiration (yes, I guess I need to link this blog to Pinterest):

Beautiful, but pricey bomber style jacket form Anthropologie, link here,   I love it!  But at 440.00US I think I can make just as good a version (plus, bombers present problems for my figure - reverse triangle/apple).

Below, from the blogger, Zanita Morgan - mixing plaid and dark floral - fabulous.  I don't think I could pull this off.  I love her blog and I'm not one to follow fashion blogs.
Below, I love this 1940s fashion from the STARZ series Outlander - Wonderful women's suit, I wish I had a better picture, but that jacket is fantastic with the detailing.
 Interesting use of plaid from Sarah Jessica Parker -- although this is a bit literal for my taste.
Dear bloggers, what are your inspirations right now?


P.S.  I'm thinking of starting a travel blog -- for my friends/co-workers I have a series of travel guides for certain cities (Monterey, Oahu, Olympic Peninsula, San Diego, Jacksonville), and if so, I am considering monetizing it -- something I would never do for this hobby/love of fabric arts blog.  Or, maybe because my sophistication/expertise level is much higher for travel?


  1. LOVE your whole outfit! Can't wait to see the finished socks and hear how you liked doing them - I've been thinking about trying some.

    1. Thanks -- I never thought I would knit socks and to tell you the truth -- I love it! I'll do a detailed writeup on my next post!

  2. So funny that you are asking about inspiration... I'm just rebooting my blog after an extended absence, and I'm still editing my post about my inspiration for a complete image overhaul.

    My mom tried to teach me to knit, but I simply didn't have the patience or desire to follow through.

    I have read some of the "Outlander" series, and I also adore the '40's fashion. I would feel silly in "pinup" style, but I do see slight echoes of the lines in my favorite pieces.

    I know my comments seem a bit disjointed, but I'm finding (something... not finding the right word) in several blurbs in this post.