Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two Pencils for the Fall!

Dear readers,

Back from dog-cation, we are now on the regularly scheduled sew-cation.  Two more pencil skirts are completed, drafted from my skirt slopers.  The first, made out of wool (feels like soft felt) from Mood, below:

Perfect scholarly-lawyer attire with a vintage feel.  I realize from these fair pictures I might consider improving my pressing skills!
 I love the dark wool skirt - and it's absolutely a perfect fit.  I have to thank Sew LA for the sloper classes - these are really good (and I'm about 10 pounds heavier than when these were drafted but they still fit well).
 A back shot, above - ugg - needs better pressing.
 I drafted a flat waistband using the pattern-making book from Ms. Armstrong.  It's wonderful.

I lined the skirt above in red bemberg ambiance.  

Below, please see a close-up of the fabric.
The second skirt is another wool, but tweed, $6.00 from G-street fabrics:
No waistband, and the fit is better on the first, I believe. 

 You can see the tweed a bit better.

I lined the skirt again, with a heavier weight Bemberg.

I am still having execution problems - my hem is much better (I'm doing blind stitch machine hem).  And, I am doing machine centered zippers (which look not so good!) - but luckily I NEVER tuck in blouses.  My kick pleats could use some work as well.  These are easily (and proudly) wearable but are not, sadly, perfect. . . 

I have not been doing Pattern Review posts since these are all self-drafted.  I've considered it but I believe the intent of the website is for review of existing patterns.    Am I wrong?

This concludes my skirts for Fall - all work-type skirts - again, a necessity but not a ball of excitement.  I drafted three and I will draft one more different skirt - an A-line casual skirt in Japanese gauze with an elastic waist. 

Thanks for your comments - I am having fun with my sloper and I am working on Jennifer Stern's Jeans pattern next!


  1. LOVE that tweed! Beautiful! And also love your very blue shoes, and the Bamberg linings - so cool that they're bright. It's like a little secret.

  2. I love these! If you do a machine stitch blind hem tutorial...I will kiss you!

  3. Thanks S! I've had the shoes since 2008!
    And PS! I'd love to do a machine stitch tutorial - I've been doing blind hems for awhile - I still use the techniques on easing in a sleeve you demonstrated in your video tutorial - which I consider excellent!

  4. That's so much - I've been wearing them nonstop!! And so easy to do. I'd love to do one with a bigger godet in the back.