Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Decades of Style Patterns

Dear Readers,

Whilst I was taking my class - I did have a chance to shop and here is my bounty - I can't wait to make these up:

Two Decades of Style patterns that I have been waiting to buy for awhile (apparently Decades of Style had a trunk show with all the designs sewn up that I missed two weeks ago (of course).

Decades of Style 1940s House Dress
Decades of Style 1940s New England Dress:

Also, I bought three yards of this cotton lawn, which does have some cross-stretch - it is NOT a liberty print - but does remind me of the type of prints Liberty is famous for.  I was thinking of making Vogue 8667 in this print but after trying on my muslin - I think I will save it for another project. 

I also got this thick canvas Japanese robot print to make a Green Pepper messenger bag for J.  Unfortunately, he doesn't think the material is substantial enough for his books (it is - especially if reinforced) But, hey, I'm not going to argue - so yeah!! I can use this somehow for a project of mine!

Dear readers, if you have sewn Decades of Style patterns - I would love to hear about it!  Tips are appreciated!


  1. i just found your blog and you are so cute! those are the two exact DOS patterns that I want to buy (and have not)! I hear they run small....

  2. That is good to know! I haven't cut them out or measured them yet but I can't wait to make the house dress. They apparently had a Trunk Show with all their patterns made up - and I missed it here at Sew LA. Bummer.
    I actually have not seen one of their patterns completed in person yet. . .