Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey Anthropologie!

Hey Anthro -

I think someone has been reading someone's blog.  Yes, dear readers, as shocking as that might sound to you it's true.  Do you remember my Colette Macaron dress made painstakingly with Japanese Echino fabric!

Ah Ha!

Anthro's fall catalog arrived today in the mail and, lo and behold, I think some company (with a name starting with A.) knocked off my dress. OK, I know it's not a direct copy - but I suppose they have knocked off the idea of doing a vintage type of dress with modern Japanese fabric (the idea of it:)) Sure, their fabric is silk and not cotton/linen . . . suspect, I tell you!  And the name of their dress - "Japonita!"  That nails it in my mind.

As I was knocked off (in my own mind) , I feel completely justified knocking off the offender's circle skirt pictured below:

I am in Class 2 of Intro to Pattern Making tomorrow!  I feel some cloning coming on . . . don't "they" say imitation is the greatest form of flattery?


  1. Brilliant! And doesn't it feel good to scoop Anthro???

  2. See how ahead of the trends you are? You can pay tribute to Antho's circle skirt with a clear conscience!

  3. Good thing you're a lawyer! How cool to lead the pack in fashion! I saw a lady wearing "my" fleece jacket today - red fleece with brown nylon yoke just like mine - it was a North Face. So I guess Kwik Sew knocked it off.