Sunday, November 28, 2010

Naked Machines Finally Covered!

Dear Readers,

Despite the shocking title, I haven't finished my second version of my dress  - I was having trouble making choices.  Before I get to that - this is what I've been up to this Holiday.

Before:  Nude machines -

After:  Fully, and fashionable dressed (covered) machines - 

I used Simplicity 2679 (purchased for $1.00) at Joann's Fabric. 
I also measured the machines (the Singer Featherweight and the Serger) and tailored the patterns slightly.  The Janome (with the vespa fabric) sewing machine cover was one of my first projects 14 months ago.  In all three projects,  I used cording instead of binding to bind.  Wow!  The cording (or piping) foot on my serger was fantastic.  I love feet - I'm going to do a separate post on this.  I also have fallen in love with the serger - I love it and am glad I own it.  I never thought I would own a serger. 

I bought the two new fabrics above  -  they are Japanese fabric 30 percent off from Momen+ in Torrance -  on Black Friday.   You know I'm obsessed with Japanese Fabrics.

I also quickly sewed two doggie bed that are for their crates  - easy-peasy - measure, cut and sew.  I cut up an old down-alternative comforter (washable) for the insides. 

This is one of two:
And, again, the second in the same fabric (the robots mats were bought separately - we're all "robot-crazy" (also known as roboty) in our house).  

Finally, with regard to the Second Vogue 8667 dress - I think I'm going to use a separate fabric for the skirt (so that it's not a completely Hawaiian dress and may be worn more frequently).  I must give a shout out to Eugenia's Blog.  She sewed at least 2 -  two-tone dresses - and most recently did a gorgeous rendition of Vogue 8667.  I've decided to line the cotton top (instead of facing or bias binding) with a cotton voile and use a double knit for the skirt.  

Well, off to sew! Have a great week. 


  1. Love those wonderful Japanese fabrics. Your puppies and your machines look so happy.

  2. I love the way your put together the vibrant prints. Your machines will now stay clean and be pretty to view.

  3. Well, we can say that some in your home already had STI Christmas gift!
    You are incredibly creative, doing covers for sewing machines store is something I have been pending for many years.

  4. Thanks all!! It was quick and fun!!