Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank you Vogue Patterns!

Wow!  I need to buy a lotto ticket - stat!  First, I pass the bar (luckily) - then my father send me the new kindle (lucky, again!), and then wonderful Kathy Marrone comments to tell me that my last post is featured on the Vogue Patterns facebook page and that they like it very much. (Very shocking!)

I still feel pretty lucky - I consider myself to still be an advanced beginner.  Out of the blue!  If you are on facebook here is the LINK.  I wasn't aware of the FB page - and they post frequently - on a variety of sewing-related issues.  Their latest post indicates that they are giving away fabric (from their stash) on Mondays. 

Now, I feel dedicated to doing a better job on my Hawaiian dress - all part of my guilt at being mentioned and featured on their link.  Well, dare to dream, I say!

BTW, I think this counts for a few minutes of my fame quotient. 


  1. I know I think my trials and tribulations during my sewing adventure lured them in:) Of course, I am working to make my execution better - I love your work K!

  2. Where did you get your dress form? I'm very, very new to sewing though I took lessons 40 years ago! I have a lovely machine - Huskvarna Scandinavia. I think I need a form to progress from aprons to clothes and a full-length mirror wouldn't hurt.

    Your work looks great!

  3. Thanks All! Anonymous - I have a post on the PGM Dressform - I live here in LA and bought a "seconds" PGM dress form size RTW 12 (which was too small - you're supposed to pad) but I lost weight and it's almost the exact size I am. However, this dressforms are a big point of discussion - if you go to patternreview.com - there are discussions of the pro-cons of different forms, etc. . .that might help. My form only cost 199.00 but I could have had a custom for 699.00 (but I still want to lose weight) haha!

    P.S. That is a lovely wonderful machine! Congrats!

  4. Congratulation on passing the Bar! CA was a beast- I passed it too, a few years back. Never used the license, but I send a check every year!

  5. Thanks L! I took the attorney exam and I did think it was easier (but I still walked out thinking I failed). . . it's good to have!