Monday, January 21, 2013

Fail (again): Waistband

Dear readers,

I left my wonderful tailored and cut out my TNT Jennifer Stern (J Stern) jeans/khaki pattern fabric out for about 3 months.  Last night, I attempted sewing them - wonderful.  The pattern went together wonderfully in just over an hour with just the waistband and hem to finish.   I decided to wait until morning.  The fabric is a black denim-ish stretch fabric from Mood Fabrics.    I don't wear khaki (I resemble Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, a bit too literally when I do).

What happened?   Well, I followed the pattern directions to "ease" in the waistband - although I have made her jeans and have never "eased" the waistband.   But, I did so in the morning.  Didn't try them on - wow.  Waistband way too tight.  So, I'm outta fabric - a trek to Mood in is order.   They fit wonderfully - and I can probably recover this fail (if I can find similar fabric).

The offending pants and waistband:
The pants, picture above, are recoverable.
The offending directions I normally don't follow, above.

Why did I not make them as I did for all my other JStern projects?  I don't know.  But I discovered my sew-jo is back with this project - and hurredly completed a "quick fix" project - two pillowcases.

I also fell back in love with my JStern red jeans.

Have you ever messed up your TNT pattern with execution errors?  I simply don't know why I did so this time.

P.S.  Update - on my way out the door today - spotted the leftover fabric (to my surprise) in my stash bin.  I couldn't remember having any fabric left (hurray!) - I normally don't.  So, this may complete faster than I anticipated!


  1. On the weekend I was sewing up a simple cowl top for Mum and sewed the front and back pieces on the wrong way. How? I didn't triple check my work. Anyway, like you, I've fixed this very fast.
    Your new jeans are going to look great.

    1. V - Glad you fixed your error quickly - I can see how a cowl is easy to twist, or turn around. . . I'm trying to decide when to make my trek to Mood - thinking about today or this week (I'm eager for the finish). . .

  2. Hooray for surprise extra fabric! And having your sewjo back! I screw pretty much everything up every time...

    1. I know, right? If I can get through a project without a disaster it's a semi-miracle!