Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Five Goals for 2013

Dear Readers -

I didn't do so well in 2012 on my Planned Project Goals (where you can see how little I accomplished)   I completed only three projects our my fifteen planned (if you count cutting out a pattern as one, and a rather large quilt for one) my success rate is small - 5 percent.  5 percent?  really? really.

But, I did learn to knit and had an extraordinarily busy year at work - which curtailed my sewing results.  So, this year is going to be different, I tell you!

So, I am limiting my goals for 2013 (I'm "goal'd out" in other parts of my life).

1.  Expand my knitting skills.  I'd like to knit fingerless mitts (learn to use DPNs), a hat, socks, and eventually a sweater like this one.
 The above pattern is free, Susie's Reading Mitts, available at Ravelry (Thanks Tanya of Sew Sassy Again for the link to this pattern).
The pattern is available for free at Garn Studio, and here is the link to the Celtica Shawl Cardigan from DROPS. .

I've also bought a Craftsy online class (when they were on sale), Celtic Cables, from the talented Irish Knitting Designer, Carol Feller, whose blog is stolen stitches, to learn to do a Aran sweater (yes, my obsession with Irish culture continues).
2.  Perfect a button down dress shirt.  I purchased a craftsy course:  The Classic Tailored Shirt by Pam Howard. I plan to make my own pattern with my sloper.
3.  Make a tailored jacket - like the Colette Patterns, Anise.  This will take some hand tailoring skills.  Sarai of Colette Patterns has a wonderful Anise Sew-Along.  I love Colette Patterns.
4.  Sew at least one Wearing History/Decades of Style/Hotpatterns' garment.  I'm not sure which but one of the below!  Although I've owned these independent designers' patterns for awhile - I've never taken the plunge to sew them up!

5.  Stash and Pattern Busting.  Bust some of my stash and get through some of the fabulous fabric I own waiting to be made up into a wearable garment, either from my slopers or my abundance of patterns.  This is not my current stash below, believe me - it's much more crowded on those shelves now - they are definitely overflowing!!
So,  I'm keeping it simple this year, I think.  But, hope to have greater sewing and knitting successes!

I am eager to hear your goals and have enjoyed reading those who have posted. . .

Happy New Year and I hope everyone makes exactly what they want this coming year.


P.S.  I am considering taking the Seamless Pledge.


  1. You've got a lot of goals! BTW, I wouldn't bother with DPNs (still haven't!) I do small diameter circular knitting using magic loop which is super easy to learn and requires but one needle - probably one you've already got if you use circulars.

    1. Yes, I think I have over-goaled myself again ....Great idea re: Magic Loop - I've seen it done on you tube and I got a set of nickel addi lace turbos circulars (interchangeable) as a gift during the Holiday Season!

    2. You got that box of interchangeables?! Score! I would LOVE to have those.

    3. I know I'm lucky! Knitting is great for parents/family buying items:)

  2. Love the fingerless gloves (just downloaded it - big THANKS!) And I have also just enrolled in the Classic Tailored Shirt - the two of us want a white shirt in 2013...

    1. Judith - I can't wait to see the fingerless gloves! I don't (yet) have the skills...and I can't wait to see what you sew up with regard to the Classic Tailored Shirt. I'll be happy to have a button up (or down) that fits in the chest area!

  3. Yes, lots of hard goals! I started a button-down shirt last year and abandoned it, and I still have 2 Craftsy classes I haven't started yet. I just started cabling with my new addi turbo circulars and love them...

    1. Yes, so true!! It's hard to take the videos - I have two lessons pending. . . .
      I have addi turbos and love them as well - congratulations - it's so much fun!!

  4. You have a lot of great items on your list this year! I love the Reading Mitts. I've never made them but mitts are super easy, as are dpns once you figure them out. They are far superior to circular needles. The hardest part is the CO and the first few rows because your project doesn't have enough weight yet to hold the dpns in place well so everything's a bit shifty. After that it is a breeze.
    I made the Mixed Message Scarf ( http://www.ravelry.com/projects/wendybirde/mixed-message-scarf ) as my learn-to cable project. Cables are also deceptively easy and once I'd done about a foot of that pattern I was bored with it. I ended up finishing the 6 ft. long scarf but it took so long because it wasn't interesting anymore. The pattern is really well written and clear so if you want to have a practice run at cables, just make a little bit of the scarf as a sample and you'll be good! YOU CAN DO IT!

    1. Thanks Lisette! I love the reading mitts and I can't wait to make them, to tell you the truth! I tend to agree - I think DPNs are an important tool for certain projects and am taking that class in less than two weeks:)

      Yes, the Mixed Message Scarf looks fantastic! Really wonderful!! Wow. 6 ft. long - that is a bit long! I do love cables - I'm saving this to favorites!!