Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yarn Color Fail...

Dear readers,

My first yarn bought (before I really learned to knit) - was three skeins of Liberty yarn.  I bought it after seeing similarly colored yarn in Sarasota, at A Good Yarn (where they have yarn based on the local beaches, coastal and littoral features, and sea mammals, fish and corals.  I loved the agua and blue colors - so I bought the skein of Liberty wool thinking it was merely blue, yellow and light green with a hint of pink.  It turns out it is mostly pink.
Just a hink of pink.
 A tiny little row of pink . . . 

No . . . mostly pink!
 So, I continued to make the Easy Cowl in Any Gauge - like my last very successful cowl.
I don't prefer the bright colors.  Even though the project turned out fine.  So, my friend Allyson volunteered to take it to her breast cancer fundraising store (hurray).  This yarn would be great for children/infants - but a bit too bright for my tastes.

Yesterday I took Knit Fixes I - which teaches you to easily fix your mistakes (even very very late in your project).  I loved the class and I do think it will be worth it.

Dear readers, has this mistake (the wrong yarn) happened to you?  This mistake drives home that these knitted projects are heavily dependent on the correct yarn selection.

Off to my next project!


  1. Well, just finding out that the undyed alpaca yarn for my big sweater ended up in beige and white stripes. And that cup cozy I made my sister in law with one big section brownish-green without much purple or blue. But those were minor compared to the amount of pink in this - how disappointing! I mean the cowl looks great, but that much pink had to be a surprise. Hooray for donating it to a good cause!

    1. S! I have to say - I love that cup cozy you made - I saw it on your Ravelry page and am dying to make up - and wow! beige and white stripes. Well, I learned something. I need to investigate my yarn purchases a bit more!