Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jstern Greys (the new khakis)

Dear readers,

I finally finished the Jennifer Stern Khakis pattern (in charcoal) that I cut out over 90 days ago.
 In the above picture I paired the pants with a charcoal jacket (that is similar but not exact match).
If you're a follower of the blog - you may know I'm a big fan of Jennifer Stern patterns.  In fact, my TNT Jeans pattern is Jennifer Stern - so I used that pattern to ensure that the sizing was correct and used the same crotch seam for this pair - so I knew I would have a good fit without a toile.   I made a mistake in the waistband (easing it in) but found excess material (unusual for me) to remake it without the ease.
 Pictures were difficult due to the Pixie and Paddy being a little too excited, Pixie above.
The fabric is a grey stretch charcoal denim-like material bought in the denim/duck/khaki section of Mood LA  -  I never wear khakis myself due to the similarity in features to the Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin.  I had some execution problems with the zipper so you see it's not a perfect sewing production.  I didn't check it after really taking my time putting it in - I also seem to remember Jennifer has a tutorial on her website that I could have use.

I also used a button and put on belt loops (as I always need a belt by the end of the day seemingly no matter what pants I am wearing).  I apologize for the over-exposure but wanted to show details on the dark charcoal fabric.
 The obligatory shot, above - I'm quite happy with the fit.  They are ridiculously comfortable.
 And, from the side!
Paddy this time,  really??   Making this pair made me fall back in love with my Jennifer Stern red jeans below.  I'm wearing them again and loving the comfort.
 Wonderful fit.  If you haven't taken her jeans class, I highly recommend it - I took mine at the ASG (American Sewing Guild) National Conference.
It was hot last weekend so I got to wear sandals one day - now it's back to freezing.

I'm been sew productive - two more pillowcases, kitchen towels, and working on finishing two scarfs.

I'm not sure what is next  -  I think I want to do Colette's Jacket Sew-Along.  . . .

BTW, I am planning on attending the ASG conference in DC in August.



  1. Fabulous pants! Those are the hardest - even harder than Mardi Gras dresses - so hooray for you! I'm planning on the ASG in Birmingham in September with my sewing friend Robbie. Oh, and I'm hitting your knitting shop in the French Quarter in just a couple of weeks...

    1. That sounds fantastic! I can't wait for the final review of the Mardi Gras dress - I hope you have fun with it!! I guess Carnaval is the next week followed by Fat Tuesday. . .Yeah! You'll have to tell us how ASG is! And, I do very much like the knitting store adjacent to Jackson Square!! Thanks for the complement!

  2. I love those pants. The red ones are particularly fun!

    1. They were really a kick to make - once I got around to it!