Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Fix: Roll Up Pillowcases

Dear readers,
     After my khaki/black jeans fiasco - and since my sew-jo was back - I needed a quick fix.  And, satisfied that itch by making roll-up pillowcases, a technique expounded by my friend (unfortunately a non-blogger) Francine. 
Please ignore the fact - these are indeed Christmas themed (and it's the end of January); we're not going to worry about that right now:)
After perfecting the technique - the pillowcases took less than 15 minutes each (the first took 20 - the second 10 minutes (if that).  I found this 7 minute You Tube video to be the best tutorial for my learning style:
Ridiculously easy with finished seams.   So, much easier than the pillowcases I used with other tutorials.  The Kerries do like them.  I bought new pillows to show off the cases as well.
I got my quick fix and am now hungry for other quick fixes:  Pencil cases, little Kindle cases - oh the anticipation.
I finally washed my quilt after four months, and I must admit I like the crinkled post-wash look much better.

What is your quick fix?



  1. Those are perfect with your quilt! I'll have to show my mom the video - she's making home dec stuff currently. I loved those cup cozies I knitted for a quick fix - need some more of those!

  2. Yes, I love those cup cozies too - I'm going to make some of those!

    Yes, those pillowcases super easy (and went together fast) - once my sew-jo was back!
    My friend Francine told me about them in late summer and I'm just now getting around to them. .