Saturday, September 11, 2010

Colette Macaron Second Version Finished at Last!

Hello Readers!

I've finally finished the Colette Macaron - despite a blunder with my blind stitch hem this morning.

I'm fairly pleased with it.  I made it out of Echino Fabric (from the fabulous Sew-LA). . . which is a very thin cotton linen blend.  I took my time to make the dress - and I think the two mistakes I made were:  (1)  the upper band isn't totally straight (I'm thinking of re-attaching), and (2) the side with the invisible zipper doesn't match!

(Update:  Late morning day of post - the pictures on this blog convinced me to re-sew/re-attach the upper midriff band - it looks a lot better now!!). I've posted the pix below:

I did some new techniques on this dress - I stabilized the neck with silk ribbon and did the armholes the same way.  I lined the dress with a very thin high quality cotton - although I've had a hard time getting the lining perfect.

I topstitched both the neckline and sleeves because of the light weight quality of the fabric and lining - I couldn't get these areas to lay perfect despite a large amount of steaming and pressing. I even understitched, to no avail.  I believe the topstitching corrected this tendency of the fabric to roll.

Here is the side of the fabric where I actually matched the sides correctly.

I also bought a rolled hem foot and I LOVE IT!  I blindstitched the hem and then used the rolled foot on the lining - wow!  I need to perfect this technique but I really do like it.

I also used a cotton thread (rather than polyester) in sewing the rolled hem and I believe that helped!  Ah, the wonders of feet.

Finally, I include a picture of the garment on my dressform!

For the pattern review, click Here.


  1. It looks great! Such fun fabric! You did really nice work on this dress.

  2. Pammie, this dress is stunning!! I absolutely love the fabric and how you have used it - the colours and print are gorgeous. The fit looks just right. You look so good in this dress - I love it with the boots.

  3. Fantastic! That is an awesome dress and so flattering on you - love the fabric too! I love the boots too!

  4. Thanks for all the kind comments!! I made it to go with the boots - I had nothing else to wear with them:) It was fun and I learned some new techniques from not rushing. . . I appreciate the remarks!!

  5. Yeah... you finished it and it came out great and love the print... such a fun fabric.

  6. What cute fabrics! I love my rolled hem foot...I don't know what I would do without it.

  7. Thanks S and L!! I appreciate it - I'm wearing the dress right now and love it!! So comfy!!