Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fantastic Series: Signe Chanel

Dear Readers,

Thanks to Erica B!,  I realized there was a series of fashion shows on the Sundance Channel.

I feel in love with a series called Signe Chanel. . .it's a french documentary that is a reality show featuring the wonderful seamstresses and teams of french seamstresses that turn eclectic Karl Lagerfeld's sketches into clothes.  It feature the making of the collection in 2004/2005 30 days prior to the runway show (from sketches to runway).  Episode One below.  

Episode One above - in slightly diminished format. 

It's fantastic.  The series features Madame Martine, Madame Cecile and Madame Laurence - who amazingly from their own talent turn these sketches from Karl into Chanel one of a kind pieces in record time!   Their skill is astounding.  Nearly everything in the line is handstitched.  And they are so quick.

You will meet 75 year old Madame Pouzieux who is the sole person that makes 100% of the braid for Chanel (but really enjoys her horses and foles). . .she made her own loom and does her own weaving.  Coco met her after the war and commissioned her to make her unique braid, and she has been doing so every since.  Interns have been out to learn her technique but so far no one can do it. 

The show also highlights some of the superstitions involved in sewing.  For instance, each wedding dress has a piece of hair of a single girl making it (she must braid a single strand of hair to ensure she marries). . . .or dropping scissor can mean death!  If a garment falls to the floor - it will be loved. . . . there are many others. . . 

Chanel is run like a business - but it apparently employs the best seamstresses in France.  It was very easy to watch - even though subtitled. 

 It's actual on youtube in a very good definition at this THIS LINK (apparently copyright clearances are not an issue).

Have fun!

I was amazed.  Now I want to increase my hand stitching skills.  I see pattern review has an online class.  Anyone ever take one?


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  1. Neat - I'd love to watch that. That was cool about the wedding gowns. I hadn't seen the hand stitching class on PR - have to check that out.