Friday, September 17, 2010

Vintage Serger - Did I do the right thing?

Hello Readers,

A few months ago I asked you whether I should buy a serger - the answer was a general Yes!!

So, I've been looking for used Babylock Imagine Wave Sergers (the Enlighten, now) - which is normally on "sale" for my dealer for 1699 (Imagine 1399) but I "imagine" I could talk them down:)   So, I've been scouring craigs list in the LA area with no luck.

Today I walk into my Bernina dealer who says, hey Pam (he knows me) we got an awesome machine in trade - the Bernina Bernette 334D  (made by Juki) known as a real workhorse.  Some of the sewers I know loved theirs.  After checking reviews, I ended up buying it for 300.00 (which is a fair price) from the Bernina dealer - it's barely used.  I had them thread it for me.  It has a complicated threading system.

It's quiet, heavy with a great stitch - looks like a bear to thread and perhaps some fiddling with the tension may be necessary in the future.

I do return home and am generally pricing sergers just to ensure I paid a good price - and what do I find - a Babylock Imagine Wave Serger on Craigslist for 700.00.  Ridiculouso I tell you.  So, I have some mild remorse.  In reality, I can afford to keep this one and try it and if I don't like it - eventually trade it back in to the dealer. . . I'm happy to get a serger but this was a slight impulse purchase.    Any thoughts are appreciated.

Here above is a photo on the serger with my sewing "table" - I have no sewing "room."  And below here are my materials stowed for some later sewing in the week. . . .


  1. Lucky girl!! I've been haunting craigslist myself. It sounds like you got a good deal!

  2. I think you did the right thing. It sounds like a good deal, Bernina are known for reliability and you will have the support of your local dealer if you have any questions or problems. Once you have got the hang of how it threads and works I am sure you're going to love it!

  3. Thanks E!! I agree - thanks for the support words!!! Yes, I went in this morning and ordered a two thread converter for it too - so I figure I'll try it out for six months and see how it is - it does do a perfect stitch. Plus, once I read about you taking your serger class - it totally gave me the "Serger" bug.

  4. Oh, I want to know how you like it! Somebody told me that Dollar General here has a once a month sewing machine and serger sale (seriously?) at ridiculous prices, but I don't know what kind of machines they're selling. I thought about checking it out but I'm so scared of a serger. I can't wait to hear about your experience with it.

  5. That Kerry in the photo is interesting. Please post some more photos.