Friday, September 17, 2010

Thanks! Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks to Katie for this recommendation.  I'm really bad at posting about myself (perhaps I'm not self-aware enough or alternatively, perhaps I'm too private) - however, I'm thrilled to have the time to post!  Here are 10 things you don't know about me:

(1) I'm a former and current skateboarder.  I love my Vans.  Living in Ventura allows me to occasionally indulge this passion!

(2)  I'm retired military (hurray!  a retiree) - even though I am a practicing attorney - I'm retired from the Reserves as an Navy Oceanographer. 

(3) I want to learn to play guitar and keep delaying buying one and/or getting lessons!

(4)  I only have a few really close friends! (And none that sew garments:)). I'd rather have a few people I'm really close to than a group of friends who are not that close.  

(5)  I'm intensely loyal to my family and those close to me.

(6)  I love living with my dogs (oh, wait, something you DON'T know!). . .okay then, I read voraciously - and my taste varies from Hemingway to slutty summer novels.  The first novel I remember reading was Jaws.

(7)  I'm love the energy of Los Angeles.  And the fact, you can find any thing you want in terms of shopping or really, most entertainment!

(8)  In my work life, I'm a perfectionist - but not so much at home - I tend to be a little bit more laid back and sloppy, if you will.

(9)  I'm distantly related to both Kurt Vonnegut and William Bratton, one of the scouts on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

(10)  I hate getting up early, and for that matter, must have my coffee in the morning - I really enjoy a good first cup.

Whew!  I actually had difficulty coming up with ten things.

I send this award out to anyone who follows me - I would love to hear 10 things about you!  

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  1. Hey, I read Jaws when I was really young too. I bet my mother didn't know it had a really graphic sex scene (for a 9-yr-old) when she gave me the book (the affair between the Chief's wife and the shark expert that they left out of the movie). I just remember being shocked and I can still remember the wording of a particular sentence, which I shall not repeat here.