Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vogue 1197 Re-Do & 1st Serger Garment!

Hello Readers,
I've completed the Vogue 1197 tunic, pictured below (taking advantage of the evening light). . .

I made this garment twice (as I cut off the hem of this tunic 8" short on my first try last weekend!).   And let's not talk about the stripes lining up on the previous garment!  This was made with my vintage serger.

I wanted a garment that I could wear "jeggings" with - and this one was perfect.  I bought the fabric at Mood, a knit jersey - with much more stretch than the pattern called for.   For my second try, I made the tunic version in the smallest size - it had so much ease it was ridiculous! On the final garment I made the bust size 32, for example (and I am a RTW 38B-C).  

I love the garment - the first one was a disaster in many ways - I even got lost serging the raglan sleeves. 

 Wow - serging is EASY and FAST!  As you can see from the view below my serging is not quite right (no getting that fall bob haircut now!).  I lazily used the cowl from my first version (and because I didn't buy enough fabric at Mood for the second version - I know don't ask).  Normally I buy 2.5 yards not knowing what pattern I am going to do - but for some reason I thought I did this pattern with 2 years (60") - No, that was not enough.
I did a rolled hem on the sleeves and hem below.  I didn't use "wooley nylon" as the pattern called for it -  I don't know that I could find a wooley nylon in brown, to tell you the truth. . . 
The hem is measured around 25.5 inches from the floor - all the way around.
 I wore ballet flats for the picture, but these are my shoes of choice for this outfit.

This elastic below was my first try - some fold over lingerie elastic - it didn't work - you need an elastic with ALOT of stretch - so I ended up going with the 1/4" elastic the pattern suggested.

I'm fighting off a summer cold - but had to get the garment finished - it should have been finished last weekend!

Two other events:
(1) Took a learn to serge class - which was very helpful, and had some, let us say, interesting interactions (a later post which I have in draft); and,

(2)  I'm taking the Couture Hand Stitch class on Pattern Review!  I've bought the supplies but haven't done the assignments (yet!).

Pattern review is HERE.

Next sewing project, something "vintage-y."


  1. Very nice indeed! I love the stripes and I think you have got the proportions just right to wear with your jeggings. You look great in this outfit.

  2. It looks great and it is perfect with your jeggings! I'm having a hard time incorporating mine into the wardrobe - looks like I need to go get this pattern!!

  3. Thanks!! It's actually a very light stretchy fabric that is not as tight as it looks in the photo (I just realized!). Yes, stripes were risky - it took me two tries - I very much like it (except for the back cowl!). I would make this again, but not in stripes! Thanks for the comments!! If you made a firmer fabric - you could bring it longer and have it flare out at the legs. . .
    P.S. These are my tight jeggings - I have some that you cannot distinguish from jeans a bit looser (which is what I recommend).

  4. BTW, my mother saw these pictures and frowned upon the back collar and sleeves. . .

  5. Good job. It's so much about just doing it and learning from that. I'm horrible because I know how to sew and rarely do but I want to. I get free fabric from work and it's just stacking up. I'll keep checking in and hopefully getting inspired. :)

  6. Fabulous - you look great in that outfit! I routinely wear wonky stuff, but as long as it's covered by hair or whatever, nobody knows.