Sunday, August 14, 2011

Attending a sewing conference?

Dear sewers,

When I picked up my beloved Janome after service (to send to a well-loved fiance') -  a brochure near the register broadcasted that the American Sewing Guild was having their yearly conference downtown LA.
Of course, it's next weekend (during my sew-cation - normally I never have this luck!) .  I missed the registration and its hefty fees.  But, some workshops are open before the conference and they will have vendors!  Exciting!  I am thinking of taking Jennifer's Sterns Jeans fitting workshop (an 8 hour class) the day before the "real" conference begins.

I've never (gasp!) attended a sewing conference.

What do you all think - have you been to these conferences?  I'm most interested in the singular workshop and the vendors?


  1. I was never in a conference sewing before, but this sounds delicious ... a sewing class with others interested in the same things you have to be very exciting ....

  2. I'm a bit intimated. . . .I'll let you know! Hopefully it will be good!

  3. WOW! You HAVE to go - it will be great! Now do you sew, or take notes? You know I've done the Betzina "retreat" here in Mobile, and I took that one class where it was a handout and talking, but I'm curious what 8 hours of jean fitting will be. Let us know! So lucky...

  4. I know - I bought a membership - the class is 125.00 and we apparently will be making our own muslins! That's so crazy. I wanted to take a pants fit class (and their is one available in Los Angeles in September but it's a drive for four weekends - I am thinking this may serve the same purpose?)...we'll see. I know 8 hours but it does include breakfast and lunch!