Friday, August 12, 2011

Bernina Aurora 430! & Embroidery - Yeah or Nay?

Dear Readers,

Yes, with a portion of my tax refund - about three months ago I bought a Bernina from a dealer that was retiring (after 50 years) and received a significant discount.  I chose the Bernina Aurora 430.  I didn't really need a new machine - but I did want to upgrade at the discounted price and try a Bernina.  It was a difficult decision in terms of what model to buy and I didn't have a lot of time to think about it.

I list the pattern review HERE.  I am happy I bought it - make not mistake - this is a luxury.  After purchasing it I gave my Janome TB30 to my brother's fiance because her machine broke.  I love it.  It handles lightweight fabrics better than my Janome.  The stitches and stitching power is greater and certainly it is more accurate (once you discount the user:)).

One big difference is the metal bobbin (like my straight stitch Featherweight 221) - I believe it is more precise than the Janome - but to be honest the Janome is a great machine too.   But now that I've gone Bernina I don't know if I'll go back.

One note is that I could have gotten the Aurora 450 for even a better price.  I was uncertain about the 9mm stitches - this is the standard 5.5mm.  I've heard from commenters that most garment sewers prefer the stability of the foot the 5.5mm.   Any comments?  I also heard the much loved TNT CB hook was very reliable and that this machine is a "workhorse."  I'm always attracted to the workhorses.

Well, one more note - I could buy an additional module for embroidery.  I'm never done it - was never interested in it before - but my interest is piqued. One note this machine requires a PC to hook up the module - so I'd have to buy a netbook (we're a MAC house).   It's a good option.

Regarding the idea of embroidery or embellishment - what do you think - embroidery - Yeah or Nay?

Below see some examples. . .

What do you think?  Do you embroider/embellish or have you thought about it?

I don't know if I would use it other than vintage style mexican shirts and skirts, and perhaps some cool jeans.  Although, I must admit -  I love my RTW Hudson jeans.


  1. Ooh, that's exciting! There's a Bernina store in my town and I go in and gaze longingly every so often... one day. I saw some cute cardigans the other day that had some embroidery on either side of the placket.

  2. Hi, Pammie -- Sounds like you got a great deal on a fantastic machine. I have to agree with you on preferring the 5.5-mm stitch width. I own the Artista 630E. When I bought my machine, I wasn't sure how much I'd use the embroidery module, but I was hooked after playing around with the designs that came loaded in my machine. I now own lots of embroidery designs. I embroidery gifts, clothing, accessories, quilts, craft items, etc. So much fun!

    I am also partial to the CB hook system on the 5.5 mm machines. The 9 mm machines feature the rotary hook. I am sure they stitch very well. I admit I don't have any experience with the 9 mm machines.

    Believe it or not, I actually won a Bernina 215 last month at a quilt show! It doesn't have as many features as my 630, but it sews like one. It cannot accept an embroidery module or a BSR, but all of my wonderful Bernina feet will fit it. The 215 came with very high-quality snap-on feet. I am thrilled to own this adorable 3/4 sized machine because I can sew whenever my 630 is set up to embroider.

    Enjoy your wonderful machine!

  3. Anne, Thanks for the comment on the CB - I changed it!! Yes, I could have gotten the 9mm but didn't. To be honest if I had more time to think about it I might have just gotten the 630 or 635 - I could easily do embroidery with that machine - I don't necessarily want to deal with buying a module, PC and software. . . .

    Congrats on that wonderful 215 - that's good to know it sews as well. I can really tell a difference. It makes me want to be better at machine sewing! Thanks again for the kind comments!! I'm so glad to hear you love your 630 - what a wonderful machine.

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