Monday, August 22, 2011

My first design (based on my bodice block)!

Yes, finally  finished my bodice block!  Hurray!! Finally, I drafted a pattern of my own designing -  based on Ms. Helen Joseph Armstrong's Pattern Making book.  I modified my basic sloper (or block) I made at Sew-LA.
The material is Japanese linen-gauze - very comfy.  I chose to put on regular buttons - and added a peter pan collar - which I used the construction methodology in The Reader's Digest Guide to Sewing. 

What I like about it is that is has my style aesthetic - and is super comfy especially in the bust area.   It has princess seams.    I haven't been able to wear a button shirt in years.  I did make some mistakes - I sewed the button holes horizontal - hey, I know - but I haven't been wearing button front shirts for years.  Thanks J.   

Also, I need to refit my shoulders - they are not quite right in the front.  They don't pull because of the ease in the bodice but they are constricting.

Other than that - I love it!  Really comfy - I can't wait to wear it.  Well, onto more sewcation items.  Skirts, Skirts, Shorts and Jeans.   Did I mention I finished all my alterations -  I feel like I am smoking along!


  1. Congratulations! How awesome to make a button up shirt totally from scratch! It's too cute.

  2. Cute! I love that little peter pan collar. Great fabric.

  3. Thanks - I'm excited I made a shirt that actually fits!! Success!

  4. oooooo this looks great on you and what a fun print!! congrats and welcome to the addicting world of drafting for yourself! LOL

  5. Great job on drafting your own pattern. I love the bright colorful print too!