Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sew-cation To Do List

Dear readers, I'm almost five days into my sew-cation - here is my list

Draft pattern for bodice blouse and sew
Major alterations on two maxi-dresses
Hems for three shorts/pants/one skirt
Two pot holders  
Jeans, one pair:)
Two pencil skirts for work
One A-line skirt (pending)
Some knit shirts (time permitting) (cancelled - ran out of time)
Belt loop case for doggie bags during walks  (I may do a tutorial - super fun!)
Lined microfiber/gortex case for swim cap and goggles
Doggie polartec sweaters

Let's see if I can make it before Labor Day ends (and I'm spending a long weekend in Mammoth with J. and the dogs hiking).


  1. Oh, good for you! You are being productive on a scale comparable to KID! Maybe you'll inspire me to get back to my machine - I just can't drag myself up there lately. Congrats on your own shirt, too - looks great!

  2. Well ... This looks like a great project that includes many beautiful projects ... Looking forward ..

  3. Thanks S and R!! I don't know - I can never be that productive. . . but one can dream:)