Thursday, August 4, 2011

A wardrobe for J.? Mens' Kwik Sew 3884

Well, no.  But it's a start!  And, J. really wants a wardrobe (of all things!!).
So, we'll get started on some men's tailoring between projects.  For now this project cost me only the pattern and a zipper!  But, I must admit - it did take at least 10 hours of precious sewing time.
The fabric, which had been in my garage stash since at least 1994, worked well for these shorts.  I was very concerned about the use of the fabric but J. loved it.  So these short are a "wearable muslin."  Controversial in the sewing community, I know.
I was worried about matching the plaids but I believed these turned out fairly well (but not perfect).
Oops!  Forgot to cut those threads before the picture!! The full pattern review is Here.  I sewed View B; a new techniques for me were inserting a fly zipper, adding mens' style side pockets and a welt pocket in back.  I probably should have taken the darts out of the back.  During the fitting J. pled for them to stay - for he was afraid they were too loose.  Ultimately  the shorts are a smidge too tight - the pockets pull out.  J. claims they are very comfortable; he wouldn't take them off after the picture!  For reference, Kwik's Sew envelope for 3884 below:

The pockets in front are designed very very shallow (for a man) and I added material after they were in.  We like the pattern but J. wants another pair of shorts in a different pattern for hiking rather than these.  Sigh.

What about you, dear readers, do you find menswear exhausting?  Are you yeah or nay on making your man clothes?  And would he wear them, anyway?


  1. I do sew for Mitch, but I agree that there is something un- fun about seeing menswear. I don't know why, but I'd rather sew the same garment for me or the kids a zillion times before I sew for him. Man projects drag me down for some reason.

  2. It's so true! I don't know why - I want to do it! Maybe because I seriously have to twist his arms for try-ons. . .

  3. Hooray for you! I would NEVER make something for my husband - he would hate fittings and would think it looked homemade, so I shan't waste my time on him. Your shorts look great, and who frowns on wearable muslins?! (But I'll wear anything around, so don't listen to me!)

  4. So true S! I mean, really. I'm speeding through my next projects. Those shorts wore me out!

  5. Great looking shorts. I have only made lounge shorts, matter of fact a dozen, but have not moved past shorts. Hopefully I will venture into shirts.