Saturday, September 7, 2013

1944 House Dress -- Pockets or Not?

Dear readers,

If you remember, I produced a 1944 House Dress in June.  I love it. I love the snaps, and it's so comfortable.  One of my favorites.
I didn't add the pockets.
What do you think -- do the pockets add to the dress?  I'm thinking about it.   The print I think is enough.  The pockets below are not folded yet for the SA, and are pinned to the dress for conceptualization.

Yeah, OR
J. thought the pockets made the dress too costumey.  I tend to agree.  But when I was reviewing the pictures after an absence -- I had to ask.



  1. Since you asked, I don't really like the pockets in black. Do you have any scraps left of the print? Maybe take a cue from the pattern envelope and use the print but add a black trim?

  2. That is a great idea Debbie!! I'm so glad I asked -- Yes, I do have some fabric left (I think)! Fantastic idea! And, I do miss something for lipstick.

  3. Yes, now I just have to find the materials! I know I have it. I cut out pockets in that material originally --- I hope I saved them!